Morrison government selling out a World Heritage Listed area in Tasmania

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Again our precious environment is under attack and this time the threat comes from the Morrison government who voted to wave through a development with a helipad and luxury tourist development in a pristine wilderness which is a World Heritage Area. The Walls of Jerusalem National Park. This is despite being advised against it by at least 3 official bodies, plus a warning from the United Nations that this may cause damage to the internationally known area.

Are you sick of Australia's flora and fauna being sold out?  I certainly am. My wish is for our unique country to be preserved for us and future generations. Sign and share this to as many people as you can and apply pressure that cannot be ignored. Send a message to parliament that it is not okay to be in power and not be a caretaker of the land we live in. We need our politicians to step up OR get out of Canberra. Seriously, take a moment to send a message that we the people of Australia do care about our future.