Overhaul Tasmanias Anti- bullying policies. Bring them in line with the rest the country.

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My teen daughter arrived home today stressed and teary that she had spilt paint all over her school shirt. She had taken it off to reveal her favourite batman hoodie. ' Oh no mum, now im going to get called 'batgirl' . Unfortunately this is the school yard culture. The same girl had deflected what could have been a devastating bullying incident a few days later among her friends, stopping the filming and mocking of a special needs child noting that the teachers response was 'inneffective'. Tasmania has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. This may be attributed to the fact that Tasmania is tailing the mainland in many aspects, including its bullying policies that are in place within our public systems. They need to be overhauled. This petition aims to encourage our premier to advocate for reform of our current policies to in the least,  bring them in line with the rest of the country, or implement a more effective model, that gives more power and protection to victims.

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