Stop Animal Cruelty in Our World. Ban Animal Trophy Hunting, Ban Wild Animal Markets.

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Currently allow cruel and unsporting wildlife killing contests.

Are hunted and killed as trophies, including Africa's "big five" species: Buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos.

Currently allow the trophy hunting of black bears in the U.S.


Help me ban Animal Trophy Hunting.

Corona Virus has been known to be the cause of this horrific pandemic we are dealing with in our world. Zooonic diseases come from animals to humans contracting deadly diseases and this has to be stopped by banning them forever.

Help me ban Wuhan and other country Wild stock Wet Markets.

My story, my argument, my hope to end this cruelty to our beautiful animals and species of our world.

Animals are a huge part of our world. They were here before us and they deserve freedom from any inflicted harm or cruelty done to them.

One of the biggest crimes is in China, probably the worse. It happens everyday and these beautiful animals..yes some domestic like our loving cats and dogs are tortured to death in so many inhumane ways from people for food, for fur, for medicine.

I am appalled and disgusted about photos and videos of people torturing our precious animals of our world in cold blood. This has to stop. There is no reason to treat animals with such harm inflicted upon them.

These people need to have a cruelty to animals law where this cannot happen anymore with them knowing that if anyone hurts or kills our animals with such inflicted plain that they do not deserve will be fined and put in jail. This is not a way of living..this is a crime and it has to be stopped immediately.

There has to be an alternative where people can still eat and get medicine without hurting and killing our precious animals.

This is torture and it has to stop. These animals and these species all carry diseases besides and are not here for human consumption and they need to be left alone in the world to live their lives freely, not tortured, eaten, burned just to name a few of the inhumane ways people treat them.

I am a fur mom of 8 cats and a foster mom to koala bear. I will stop at nothing if I see an animal in need if help. I will stop at nothing if I see an animal being harmed. I at an early age had love for animals as I do today. Animals are a beautiful part of our world they bring us joy and and happiness. Animals are here for a reason..and the reason is to not kill them. I hear about the over population and that people need to kill to survive but dogs and cats who are domestic animals being treated so cruel is just wrong. These are house pets that we love, they don't harm anyone they bring us love. This has to stop once and for all.

Let's take wild animals now..trophy hunting must be banned immediately as well.  To just kill a beautiful animal for a trophy is just inhumane and it has to stop. They are not here to hang up on your wall, they are not here to be killed. If animals kill animals that is their food chain, no-one can stop that, it is their natural food chain. Animals need animals to survive as well, I understand and accept this although sad when I see it, but it is their natural habitat, they way they live.

There has to be a better alternative to this. Please help me put these people that sell livestock of animals who kill them, torture them for their own enjoyment behind bars. Together we can stop cruelty to all animals in anyway shape or form inflicted upon them so our beautiful animals of our world be free and enjoy the world like us.


Thank you for your signature and help.

Wildly In Love Karen Russo