Laxmi, a 30year old elephant, was beaten and starved to death by her cruel owners in India

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Laxmi was an elephant who died from agony after she had been abused and starved by illegal traffickers. I  am a big animal lover and do not like to see any animals in harm or danger , animal cruelty needs to stop around the world and  petitions like this to help towards cruelty to elephants like Laxmi who died from being starved to death and tourted in Motihari, Bihar India . Laxmi had be chained and tortured for years and sold into the illegal elephant trafficking industry after she had been poached from the wild as a baby and separated from her mother and herd.

Having been abused and malnourished for so long her body was fragile and weak and her bones became brittle. Skin sagged over her bony frame and her legs caved inward, no longer able to support the weight of her body. On top of that she was kept in a small dank room filled with urine and dung and her owners hit her with bull-hooks, spears and sticks in order to make her move so they could make some money from her dying body. Please sign and share for Laxmi � and other elephants like her . Justice for Laxmi ♥️