Give INUKA The Respect Of Burial

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It is evident that Inuka, the Polar Bear at the Singapore Wildlife Reserves, touched the hearts of thousands of Singaporeans. Whatever our opinions, thoughts or feelings, The Wildlife Reserves of Singapore, made a professional decision to euthanise Inuka on humane grounds. For most of us, our feelings are based on emotion. Whether we are of the opinion that Zoos shouldn't exist, that there should never have been a Polar Bear exhibit or other views, we must accept Inuka is gone.

An autopsy will be conducted but unfortunately The Wildlife Reserves has no plans for burial. In view of the fact that from the moment Inuka was born he gave up his life for our entertainment, at the expense of years of loneliness and isolation, it is only right and humane to give Inuka an honourable send off. I believe The Wildlife Reserves needs to acknowledge the negative sentiment that this issue has created and also acknowledge the deep bond that many Singaporeans had built with Inuka over the years, as well as the high regard he held in Singaporean hearts. The Wildlife Reserves must seriously reconsider their decision and give Inuka due respect. We certainly have the funds to provide Inuka with a rightfully deserved burial and memorial.  How does The Wildlife Reserves plan to dispose of Inuka's body if there is no burial? It is common practice in many zoo's to feed the deceased's remains to the other animals. Will this also be Inuka's fate?

A heartfelt appeal goes out to all to please sign the petition to give Inuka a proper burial and memorial at The Wildlife Reserves, in acknowledgement and respect of Inuka's life and contributions.

The Wildlife Reserves feel that they have done the right and humane thing by ending Inuka's suffering. They now also have to continue to do the right and humane thing by honouring Inuka with a proper burial.

Please sign this petition to give Inuka the respect and burial he deserves.

This completed petition will be sent to The Wildlife Reserves for consideration.