Stop the funding of elephant isolation and abuse in Thailand!

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We are an organisation, Thai Animal Right, who have collaborated with Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand in order to create awareness about the exploitation of elephants in the tourism and entertainment industry. Through rigorous campaigns on both facebook and twitter we are trying to show the cruel side of the entertainment industry that most of us are unaware of and end up funding these cruel practices 

Elephants are still suffering in captivity at cruel tourist attractions. The popularity of circuses, festivals, shows, elephant back rides are growing in countries such as Thailand. World Animal Protection  researchers assessed almost 3,000 elephants and found that more than three quarters were living in "severely cruel" conditions. Many were bound with chains less than 3m long and were forced to stand on concrete floors close to loud roads, crowds and music.

The cruel trend of elephants used for rides and shows is growing - we want tourists to know that many of these elephants are taken from their mothers as babies, forced to endure harsh training and suffer poor living conditions throughout their life. This leaves them psychologically distressed and that makes them cry for hours. These babies are not well fed and are stripped off their mother’s milk as well. Mothers grief by not eating and often end up being in serious depression when separated from their child. These depressed mothers often end up dying sooner than their expected life expectancy.

The petition aims to abolish all tourism activities that exploit elephants. Another aim of this petition is to increase awareness amongst tourists and locals  to boycott all entertainment and tourist activities such as riding the elephant, elephant shows, circus, etc. We also aim to make this petition heard by the government in order to create strict rules about the abuse of elephants eventually leading to a ban of such cruel activities!

Please sign this petition and help us save these elephants!