Home PC hosting for XBOX dedicated servers

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It has come to the Ark communities knowledge that a particular feature that has been asked for by xbox and pc players alike for a home computer dedicated hosting capability, has been turned into a profit making venture for the company Nitrado. We the people of Ark, request that xbox and pc become united in such a way that xbox player dedicated servers may be run and operated by individuals in their homes through their MICROSOFT WINDOWS computers, the same way it currently is now with the folks who own two Xboxes.

The prices of the servers through nitrado are outrageous and surpass overall investment of obtaining multiple Xboxes, copies of ark, and the xbox live service to run the servers over the year. The consoles may initially cost more, but if a dedi is run for a few years, the Xboxes remain cheaper and have a buyback/trade in value that nitrado servers DO NOT. It is in the Ark communities best interest, and as a much larger player base has switched to dedicated servers that the ability to host a dedicated from personal computer is included with the final product.