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Fix the Ark Dedicated Servers for Xbox One

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Greetings, the Xbox One community is tired of the Xbox One dedicated servers being overlooked.  The updates 757 and 758 have made dedicated Xbox one servers run worse than ever before.  We also respectfully request the ability to have a true 'saved game" data file that can be imported or exported in some fashion allowing us to revert back to the most recent successful save preventing us from having to completely wipe and reload the server once the server dashboards then won't come back up (dashboarding during load on the The Center and The Island).

Other issues with dedicated servers currently that we deserve to be rectified immediately:

The inability to perform dino wipes

Unable to ban more than 2 or 3 people without crashing the server

The inability to do a true 'save world' where a saved game data file can be reverted back to in case of a server load/startup failure.  

Updates causing server wipes or startup failures resulting in wiping the server.  Server update 757 and 758 has caused our personal dedicated server (ARKPVEELITE) to wipe 4 times in one week (6/1/17-6/9/17) and we are tired of it.  We have over 150 active players, 40 tribes, and thousands of other ARK XBOX ONE players and dedicated server owners behind us!

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