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Late night Wild Waterworks!

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I HAD A DREAM. No, literally - I came home from work and took a nap, and dreamt that Wild Waterworks was open overnight. 24 hours, really, but OVERNIGHT. Would this not be the sweetest thing to happen to Hamilton? Not sure? Here's a really well thought out pros and cons list :



- ever thought "oh wow, it's 3am and I could DEFINITELY go for a wave pool right now."? BECAUSE I HAVE. 

- imagine sliding down a dark water slide into MORE darkness? that could be a reality, my friend.

- want a fun thing to do that isn't going to the bar on a friday and regretting your life the next day? just chill at wild waterworks into the night & have the MOST FUN EVER. little to no existential crisis required the day after! 

- this could be a cool way for wild waterworks to make more money (come on, gotta throw a pro in there that isn't just for me.)

- no more illegal pool hopping 

- no more waiting for your weird neighbor to invite you over for a swim


- there are none


SO- dear wild waterworks : you should definitely be open at night. at the very least, here's an idea: do one night (maybe even per month if it is successful) of the water park being open all night. I'll promote the HECK out of it & you just hire a few overnight staff for the night and sit back and enjoy the sweet, sweet sound of your bank account being full of money (what does that sound like? I wish I could tell you). 


Yours truly,




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