I want Wild Card Studios to boost turret damage .

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Offline tribes stand no chance now that they are limited to one hundred turrets. TURRETS DO NOT DO DAMAGE. People on ark want to have fun playing the game. Pvp is not all about being a slave to this game. It’s about actually enjoying your self. If you do not have a tribe of 40 people. Then the chances of you being offline raided is ridiculously high. What can you do when you’re offlined? Hope and pray that you have enough bullets in your turrets? No . Because veggie cakes are ridiculously easy to make and Dinosaurs that can soak have a ridiculous amount of health and damage reduction bonuses... you guys keep on buffing Dino’s but no buffs to things that can counter these Dino’s... we need a change or you’ll game will die. People are tired of being offlined every weekend. We need to either double turret damage or make the amount of turrets we can have higher . It’s tedious waking up everyday to grind 4800 bullets for them only to be soaked and destroyed in under 5 minutes. C4 is easy to make, veggie cakes is easy to make. It just seems like our hard work which takes around 3 months can EASILY be taken away from us in one hour while we are offline. Some of us have work and school and cannot be on all the time so how are we able to play this game . Please. For once, listen to the community and actually be decent devs. WE DONT CARE about dlc WE want the core game to actually be playable .