Wikipedia: Take Down the False Anti-Hindu Post

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As donors and members of the Wikipedia community we are very disappointed to see lies, hate and false information being propagated through your platform.

One of the worst communal riots shook North East Delhi on 23 February 2020 and over 40 innocent people lost their lives in this horrendous incident – Hindus as well as Muslims. The beginning of riot is still unclear, but it is believed that some anti government elements from outside India ignited this riot.

The recent Wikipedia article on North East Delhi Riots by one of your contributors is filled with twisted facts and misinformation targeted at one set of people. It fails to acknowledge the innocent Hindus who were killed in this incident. Here are a few gruesome examples:

1.      Head Police Constable Ratan Lal was shot dead while on duty protecting people of all faiths

2.      Intelligence Bureau employee, young 24-year-old Ankit Sharma was dragged out of his home, stabbed 400 times for 4-6 hours, his eyes gouged out and was then dumped into a ditch by Muslim mobs

3.      Dilbar Singh Negi’s hands and legs were chopped off and he was burnt in his home by Muslim mobs

4.      Tahir Hussain, who has been charged with Ankit Sharma’s murder is missing. His home was found with petrol bombs and all sorts of materials such as acid used to attack innocent people

5.      Hindu women have reported that their girls were asked to strip naked and walk home

While the international media and media propagandists in India maliciously started branding the Delhi riots into an anti- Muslim pogrom, Wikipedia has become a major tool to push out this divisive, hate filled, Hindu-phobic propaganda.

During the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, there have been casualties from all sides. However, the nature of a riot is meant to be established by the starting point of those riots, not what ensues later. By all evidence and many measures, the Delhi riots were pre-planned, initiated and executed by anti-Hindu elements and the build-up lasted weeks.

The Wikipedia post says "Mobs carrying the saffron flags and chanting Jai Shri Ram vandalized and torched mosques and properties of Muslims......" and mentions Islamophobia as cause of this riot. None of this is a fact and there is no evidence for such claims.

We believe in the idea and need for true, unbiased presentation of information for the world to be a better place. As loyal readers, donors and contributors to Wikipedia we ask you to take down the specific post which is questionable at many levels – including its intention to incite hatred, Hinduphobia and unrest in the communities around us.

We hope you will continue to keep our trust by taking down this article and taking actionable measures to ensure that your platform does not get used for regressive, violent and divisive purposes.