Wikipedia, Stop Your Transphobia

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Technology once promised us liberation and justice in the form of open access to information. Wikipedia, an encyclopedia created by the people and for the people, is supposed to be superior to all other knowledge base. Facts have proved this to be a lie time and time again, especially when it comes to issues concerning minorities like trans people. The administrators and moderators, which are mostly cishet white men, have a chokehold over what is and isn't "notable" or "factual" on the platform, and they alone decide which sources are reliable based on their own bigotry.

Elagabalus, a transgender empress of Rome, is grossly misgendered repeatedly, despite all the evidences suggesting she's a trans woman. They are happy to entertain different interpretations of fictional characters, unless that interpretation is the character is trans. They have flat-out refused to remove the dead names of trans people even when asked by the victims themselves. Their knowledge base is neither free nor open - it's just another echo chamber that serves no one but the people who create and control it, another tool for the ruling majority to spread lies about marginalized minorities.

It has to stop.