Free travel for Island residents attending mainland NHS treatment

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I have just recently needed foot reconstructive surgery, I was sent to QAH in Portsmouth. I was transferred by ambulance to have my operation but when I was discharged, I was on my own.

I had to keep my leg elevated so was in a wheelchair with a leg support. I had lots of bags and other equipment I would need so my husband had to bring the car over to collect me on Wightlink. This cost £99!

I have at least 4 more trips to QAH with 1 being for another operation so realised this is going to get costly!

I have found that Wightlink offer a 50% discount on ferry travel and Red Funnel offer a £9.70 day return for foot passengers if attending NHS appointments.

I really feel that as island residents who travel frequently, have visitors over frequently, therefore are helping contribute to the many millions of pounds in profit, we could be offered free travel for NHS treatments. Many islanders are going to vote for a fixed link because of this issue, wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t an issue!

I would hope that Wightlink and Red Funnel would have it in their hearts to see that the quite hefty extra cost of travel causes for more stress and anxiety when undergoing treatment and might offer this kind gesture to Isle of Wight residents. 

If you would like to also put this to Wightlink and Red Funnel, please sign. Thank you.