WiFi to NotiFi students: WiFi dedicated for students' use in Schools

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Nikos Idrian C. Echon started this petition to Philippine Government (DOST, DOTC and DepEd)

WiFi to NotiFi students: WiFi dedicated for students' use in Schools

This is a petition pushing for the Philippine Government (DOST, DOTC and DepEd) to provide WiFi connection throughout the schools of the country dedicated specifically for the students' usage.

As technology continues to rapidly develop and progress, schools continue to pursue and modernize their system and facilities. Millennials, as young people of technology, use the internet and gadgets as tools and advantages in their education and daily life as technology continues to be a bigger picture and would play a more important in the future.

Students tend to have a very hard time doing assignments that require them to use the internet for research purposes due to lack of internet access. Having Wi-Fi available for the students will make it easier for them to search anything that they need in order for them to finish their assignments easily without having to struggle with connecting to the internet using mobile data, which is an alternative solution of no Wi-Fi for students. Having Wi-Fi provided would also give access to educational websites such as Edmodo that they are sometimes required to use for submitting assignments, projects, quizzes, and many more.

It also gives the students the ability of browsing the internet in order for the students to make a thesis or search for any references online for a research that is needed to be done to get a high grade.


Benefits of Having Wi-Fi Solutions for Schools:

Easier Collaboration

Using Wi-Fi at school, students can quickly and easily share documents, edit presentations in real time, store project files in the cloud, and improve their teamwork skills.

Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

While there's no doubt regarding the importance of Wi-Fi in schools, benefits for students extend well beyond the classroom walls. From extracurricular activities to study abroad programs to exploring hobbies on their own, devices such as tablets and smartphones can connect students to a wealth of text, audio, and video content not found in textbooks.

Personalized Instruction

Wi-Fi for schools also allows teachers to tailor lessons and presentations according to their students' learning styles. Teachers can elaborate on topics through email, virtual chat rooms, and even create online tools and apps for students to use. This personalized instruction helps each student excel at their own pace.

Increased Engagement

One of the key benefits of having Wi-Fi solutions for schools is increased student engagement. Technology is already a vital part of students' lives outside the classroom, and it's only natural to leverage it at school to drive their curiosity and encourage participation.



Technology is tied into many different aspects of our life. We are now living in the age of technology; however, we need to adjust it for it to be suitable in our environment. Today's environment is characterized by an increasingly mobile workforce. By means of technology, Philippines is now one of the growing and developing countries. The sudden changes in technology impact not only the peoples’ social life but also the learning system in our country.

Online tools and educational websites are accessible through Wi-Fi connection. It allows students to access the most updated information available through e-books and educational websites used by the teachers. There are many learning applications that offer interactive and collaborative that improve students social learning which can only be use if being connected to a wireless connection. Students are equipped with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers, but these gadgets are not much usable without an internet connection to get access on assignments and other information and to also stay organized.

Colegio San Agustin-Biñan is one of the schools who has skilled and intellect students and faculty members in terms of technology and internet literacy. Students from this institution are supporting and promoting the School Wi-Fi Implementation advocacy. We arrived from this petition, as we experienced difficulties in the learning processes that needs frequent internet access.

Through this petition, we would like to reach the Philippine Government and we envision the rapid implementation of Wi-Fi connection in school grounds.

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