Petitioning Mayor, City of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and 4 others

Widen Division Street Bridges and Start Construction NOW!

Support the rebuilding and widening of the narrow Division Street North Branch Bridge (at Elston Avenue) and Division Street Canal Street Bridge (at Halsted Street)

To alleviate conjestion and bottleneck on Division Street now!

Letter to
Mayor, City of Chicago Rahm Emanuel
Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) Gabe Klein
Illinois State Senate 5th District Patricia Van Pelt Watkins
and 2 others
Illinois House of Representative 5th District Ken Dunkin
Illinois House of Representative 9th District Art Turner
Please fund the widening of the Division Street Bridges, and have the construction start as soon as possible.

The current Division Street Bridges are narrow – 2-lanes going in either direction. These bridges have been in service for +100 years and are in need of significant repair and maintenance, and we assume are functionally obsolete.

The area supported by these Bridges include 1) Third largest Wholefoods, 2) Historically, the highest revenue stores for Best Buy and Home Depot, 3) The recent opening of an Apple Store, 4) The opening of a Target Store in Oct 2013, and 5) Additional planned Commercial and Residential development. The area also has the largest available land near the Chicago Loop.

The congestion caused by these outdated bridges has:
A) Caused significant delays for residents and workers commuting to, from, and around the area;
B) Limited commercial viability and success of existing Businesses;
C) Impeded further Commercial growth in the area;
D) Hindered Job creation by limiting Commercial success and growth;
E) Prevented growth of Local, State, and Federal tax revenues; and
F) Lack of bicycle lanes creates further congestion

Please sign this petition to support the widening of the Division Street Bridges to 2 functional lanes each way, and have the construction start now!

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