Wicomico County for the Preservation of the Second Amendment

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We the People can not sit still, we must act for our Wicomico County residents before it is to late.

We feel that Wicomico County should APPROVE a resolution in favor of affirming the 2nd Amendment which protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, “Shall not be infringed.” OPPOSE any legislation that orders local, state, or federal law enforcement officials to confiscate firearms. This includes semi-automatic sporting rifles commonly referred to as assault rifles. The term “assault” rifle generally refers to military style weapons that have the capability for fully automatic fire when the trigger is depressed. Civilian “AR” style rifles are by nature semi-automatic weapons that DO NOT have the ability to fire fully automatic. 

Wicomico County should know that the men and women of the Wicomico County Sheriff Office took an oath to honor and uphold the United States Constitution and we SHOULD NOT waiver on this duty.             

Here is a list of people that completely support this Wicomico County Second Amendment Preservation County Resolution. We just want you to see how important this is to Wicomico County, and the state as a whole. After seeing the injustices in Virginia, we can't let that happen here. Stripping the citizens of their rights is something we simply can't ignore. We hope you consider this petition with the same regard you should. We are the people, after all. And this is what we all want.                    

We encourage you to send an email to each Wicomico County Council and let them know we NEED the Council to APPROVE a resolution in favor of affirming the 2nd Amendment!