Carl Anderton Jr. For County Executive

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This petition has been created to bring a reconsideration to the amendment that was passed on Thursday, August 20th, electing Dr. Rene Desmarais as the new Wicomico County Executive. Ill start by saying this come as no disrespect to Dr. Desmarais. As a candidate, I feel as if he came from left field. After watching his interview, there were some questions he simply knew nothing about and the questions he did have answers for were very one dimensional and were all about expanding the medical business. 

This decision came as a shock to myself as well as thousands of Wicomico County citizens who expected this position to be filled by Delegate Carl Anderton Jr. Those in the audience of this council meeting had the pleasure to view all 3 interviews that took place with each candidate. It was very clear watching these interviews which candidate came most prepared and fielded the questions the best and that was by far Mr. Carl Anderton. 

Mr. Anderton has spent his career grinding for this county as a Delegate and is a former mayor of Delmar. This man has already done more for this County than most people will ever, in his time as a Delegate in Annapolis. He is a guy you see at social events as well as a person you see out in boots helping his neighbors when a storm comes through. He is through and through a prominent example of an Eastern Shore citizen and could not be a better fit for this position from a political and social perspective.  Whether you are prominent business owner or a resident of this county, Carl will face you and your issues the exact same way. He is approachable and relatable. 

The interviews have been attached below for you to view on your own and draft your own opinions. The decision came as a complete and utter shock to those in the building and their voices were heard AFTER the interviews took place. 

This petition has been created to get as many signatures in support for a reconsideration of the amendment that was past last Thursday before the next council meeting on Tuesday, September 1st. At this meeting, one of four council members have the ability to make this motion of reconsideration and a new vote be cast to appoint the County Executive. These people are Council President Larry Dodd, Councilwoman Nicole Acle, Councilmen Ernie Davis, and councilmen Joe Holloway.

These are people that have been elected by the citizens of this county to make  decisions that are best for this county and to listen to what we have to say. It is very clear where the citizens stand on this matter and I want to show the council just how many people stand behind Carl Anderton to be our new County Executive. 

This appointment is being made because of the unfortunate passing of the late, great Bob Culver. These are big shoes to fill and a position we want the best to fill in these trying times in the middle of a pandemic. 

I would consider this a chance for Wicomico County to draft Patrick Mahomes to start for this football team, and for some inexplicable reason our council members selected Kyle Boller..  

This isn't like fantasy football where we don't get a redo and we suffer through a season of agony. There is a chance here for reconsideration, and I have formed this petition to fight for the chance to do so. 

The County Executive to be appointed will be our leader for the next two years. We need someone that can be a leader, collaborate with council and citizens, and have the connections across the bridge to make us as strong as we can be. That person is Carl Anderton.

I encourage you to watch the interviews and see for yourself...