Save Maritime Arklow ... our heritage, our future

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We want Wicklow Co. Council and the OPW to:

No. 1        PRESERVE this natural, beautiful bend in the river.


                 It’s a natural breakwater, part of our maritime heritage,

                 a wildlife sanctuary, a well used local amenity &

                 place of artistic inspiration.

No. 2      ALLOW Irish Water to proceed with all of the necessary sewage                      works ON the existing road!

No. 3       SAVE our homes from compulsory purchase order.



Our Beautiful Trees and Riverwalk view on South Quay are in danger of being removed FOREVER together with a large chunk of Arklows Maritime Heritage.

WICKLOW COUNTY COUNCIL, in conjunction with the OPW intend to remove an important and beautiful part of Arklows Maritime Heritage. The proposed plans will jeopardise any future use of the Avoca river as an amenity for tourism and maritime activity by walling it up, make it inaccessible to the people of Arklow to admire or utilise. Wicklow County Council & the OPW intend to remove the natural bend on the river which is home to a wide range of wildlife & seabirds. They also plan to permanently remove all existing trees & green space on south quay and build a 1.2 meter solid wall spanning from the Nineteen Arches bridge along South Quay and around our harbour. 

We believe that Wicklow County Council have an obligation to the people & town of Arklow to deliver a plan to Arklow that will preserve the beauty & character of our maritime heritage together with providing sufficient flood relief allowing Irish Water proceed with all the necessary sewerage treatment works in the existing road.

Widening the river will be of little gain to flood relief and will only become an expensive experiment that could have catastrophic affects on Arklow. We have been told by experienced people that the removal of this natural bend in the river will result in a massive flow of sea water up the river towards the bridge when there is an easterly high tide. For the devastating effects that the removal of this bend will have on our lives and the wider environment of Arklow it must be asked - how effective a flood protection measure is it? We have been told it isn't!

We as residents of South Quay want Irish Water to proceed with their plans for sewage treatment out on the existing road. We want our beautiful river to be clean asap and also to be given a flood relief plan that will enhance this fantastic amenity & give access to the river similar to the one they have in Waterford with glass panels to view our beautiful river and access gateways to make the river accessible for maritime activities and river rescue operations.

But we URGENTLY need your help!

The residents have already been issued with wayleave/cpo agreement for works to proceed and green areas to be removed - the clock is ticking!

We need you to help us protect this beautiful place for the people of Arklow, the children who play on it, the birds and wildlife that inhabit it, and the tourists that come from all over to admire our beautiful river. Do we really want to loose this old part of town which is our link to our past and the maritime heritage which Arklow was built on and a gateway to Arklows future. 


Please sign and share this petition and #savemaritimearklow

Please also contact your representative in Wicklow County Council to personally object to the removal of this natural river bend & let the sewage treatment proceed in the existing road. Preserve and enhance our natural amenity and our maritime heritage which is irreplaceable!