Help us Fight for Oncology/Hematology Kids In KS that need the Continued Care of Dr Rosen

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We as parents, family members and a community need to fight to keep Dr Rosen in practice 

Dr Rosen has been successful in  changing the way pediatric treatments have been given, and for the last 10-15 years 99% of chemotherapy has been done in his office allowing families to have a life as close to normal as they could and saving them and their insurance companies millions of dollars. Parents and family members could keep their jobs, have family dinners each night, and keep the child and their siblings connected.  Dr. Rosen has selflessly been "on Call" 24/7/365 for the last 30 years, and NEVER complained. He’s paid for funerals out of his own pocket for families who were unable to afford one for their child.  He has spent hours fighting insurance companies to get treatments approved and even more hours fighting for payments sometimes taking as long as a YEAR to be paid.  He is a humble, kind, generous man who truly LOVES what he does. He loves his patients as if they were family. He has poured into this community for over 35 years.  What a significant loss Wichita and Kansas will suffer without his expertise, knowledge, genuine heart and high standard of oncology care. This community has only had the patient load to sustain one pediatric oncologist and with the the addition of 2 new physicians, there is no way 3 oncologists can survive, and since Dr. Rosen is a solo physician paying his own expenses....,, WE HAVE TO FIGhT AGAINST THE BIG DOGS! 

We come to the communities of Kansas with a plea for children in our state who have, who are, and who will be, in the future fighting cancer and autoimmune diseases. For over 35 years, Dr Rosen has single handedly built a successful and thriving pediatric oncology and hematology practice in the Wichita area. He has served hundreds of families from all over the state of Kansas. Dr Rosen and his staff built a practice truly with the children he cares for in mind. The office is like a wonderland to the children of all ages who walk in afraid of what's next. The wonderland office was designed to allow the children to receive treatment and still be able to play and be a kid at the same time. For parents, Dr Rosen and his staff have become a support system and have never complained. Being available to parents all hours of the day, 365 days a year. This approach has given countless families the sense of peace needed so they can continue to help their children fight. His practice also built the premise of treating children in the office rather than continuous hospital stays. The hospital stays are mentally draining to children especially because it isolates them from their worlds. Cancer and other diseases shouldn't be allowed to do that. Dr Rosen has also lost several children in his years to these diseases. He has stepped up and made sure the families had everything they needed if financially they couldn't. He absorbed some of the copays and patient responsibilities. A doctor who has put his patients needs before his own is one a community should retain. Now the big dogs have had their say but we feel not all is lost. It is not safe in life battles, such as those these children face, to be uprooted from the doctor who they have developed deep relationships with. It is physically and mentally unsafe for the children. If Dr Rosen must close, it would mean these children and their families would have to travel to other cities for care by experienced physicians. This travel separates and disconnects families. Again, this is not a safe practice for children fighting these battles. We are setting out to ask a health care leader in Wichita to take in this beloved Doctor so he may continue to treat his patients with security. Give the patients, that Dr Rosen treats, the right to choose who they want treating their children. I am one of those mothers. It is beyond terrifying to think my child could be forced to change doctors. Especially when this is could have a resolution.

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