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Justice and Freedom for Nicholas Dupree

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Justice and freedom Nicholas Dupree


Please Help Free Nicholas Dupree
 I am trying AGAIN; please help me get my son justice and freedom.
Please sign my petition, please.
 Thank you


HELLO my name is Cynthia Ruff

 Nicholas Dupree is my son, please sign our petition.


Nicholas was found guilty of 1st- degree murder, aggravated robbery, criminal threat, 2 counts of aggravated endangering a child; less than 18, reckless, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and aggravated burglary by a jury not of his peers. Wichita Kansas.

Case numbers, 11S012988, 11-CR-3700, Kansas appeal number 111-518, Reginald Dupree Kansas appeal number 110311.

Nicholas, Reginald, Daniel, and Francis are all cousins, and the one who killed the young man is Malek Brown. Daniel, Francis, and Brown plead guilty. Reginald and Nick are the only ones who had trials. Nick couldn't tell me what happened because he was at home sleeping when Markez Phillips was murdered.

The District Court played a video of a high speed chase at Reginald trial this video shows Brown speeding trying to catch Markez Phillips. Mr. Phillips hit the corner of Locust Street he lost Brown when he turned up into Regina’s driveway and pull all the way to the back. I could see Brown speeding around looking for the car. Brown driving slowly then he spots the car and parks right in front of the house.

This is key evidence because the prosecutors told the jury that Nick setup this as a robbery, and the prosecutors witness testified that Nick was at the crime scene with the others, but in the video you will not see Nick.

Watching the video all 4 get out the jeep, Brown and Reginald walks up the driveway, Reginald testified saying that Brown knocks on the door, Markez open the door, Brown said; “I told you nigger when I see you again I was going to kick your ass”. Markez and Brown start to fight, Brown shoots him in the face.

Brown saw Regina so he said to Reginald lets in go, Brown pointing the gun at Regina asking her for a safe. Regina testified she was afraid telling them we don’t have a safe, so she told them to take the TVs.

 This is when Brown called Daniel to come help get the TV’s, Brown also took Regina’s cell phone so she couldn't call the police. On the way out Brown points the gun at Regina’s grandmother she tries to stop them. Francis is sitting in the jeep with his hoody over his head. They put the TV’S in the jeep and leaves, now for 9pm until 1am the next day no one talks to them.

Sometime after 1am 12-15-11, Daniel return home , this is where Nick, lives with his girlfriend Portia, Daphne Thomas, Daniel his cousin, his aunt Julia Hamby and her kids the twins, Marjorielle Evans, and her grandson little Daniel.

 OK let me explain Daniel is Nick cousin on his mother side, Marjorielle Evans Nick’s cousin on his dad side. Daniel and Marjorielle Evans dating and have a son. When Daniel goes in the house he goes to bed walking right pass Nick bedroom door.

Around 2:30 am Daphne Thomas in the bedroom next to Nick’s bedroom, she hears Daniel knocking on Nick’s door telling Nick to get her, she calling and threatened to kill him. Nick didn’t know what are who, Daniel said it’s Regina. Now let me explained how Regina’s can call Daniel, because she doesn't have her cell phone it was stolen by Brown.  

Regina Stuart and Kelicia Stuart or sisters, months before this murder Nick and Daniel dated the Stuart sisters, but Daniel was cheating on Marjorielle with Regina. Marjorielle second interview she stated “. I knew that name, talking about Regina Stuart”, Daniel cheated on Marjorielle with Regina Stuart. Marjorielle was furious, she lie to the detective that she overheard Nick and Brown talking about a lick to rob Kelicia’s place. In interviews and in court she states that Nick said that his baby mama has TV’s, laptops, and Xbox, and he want is a TV.

Marjorielle plans were to get Nick lock up when she found out that Regina and Kelicia were sisters. Months later she try to change her lie, and she go on Facebook talk about she can’t change her story because she will go to prison for three years.

This is why Daniel knocks on Nick’s bedroom door, asking him to make her stop calling his phone, because he didn’t want Marjorie to wake up. Daphna Thomas is listening to everything and she told the detective what she heard, Nick and Portia is getting phone calls, people are talking about killing them. This is the reason why Nick calls Kelicia when she picks up the phone her boyfriend gets on the phone and threaten to kill him.  Nick is charged with criminal threats, when Kelicia’s boyfriend said that he was going to do to him what happen to Markez. Nick threats him because he was being threatened.

 Nick looks on Facebook that Markez was murder; Daphna Thomas heard Nick talking about someone called him about Markez was killed. Nick  shows a picture of Markez  to Daniel, and Nick say that he knows him that his friend , but Daniel  keep saying he didn’t know the dude., Daniel never said or talk to Nick about what happen not one time no one said a word to Nick not until he was taking to jail. Nick charges when from criminal threats to 1st degree murder of his friend.

Marjorielle was the prosecutor’s witness, she keep changing her story from Nick was at home with her then when Nick’s attorney questions her she lied again saying Nick was at the crime scene the night of the murder. The juror’s ask to hear that she testified that Nick was at the crime scene when Markez was killed, so they believe Nick was at the house with the other four.

The jury was 12 white people and one black man, when time to deliberate they take the black man out. Nick’s attorney never, subpoena Daphna Thomas his alibi witness, also in closing, he called Nick the ring leader. Evidence that the juries didn’t hear, about one young lady named Chelsea talk to the police and told them what Markez had told her, about a fight he had with Malek Brown and that he wanted to fight him again.  Markez’s coworkers was also interviewed and also discuss  what Markez said about this fight he had with Malek Brown, he also told them that the person was someone kin to him. Markez’s mother and I was in the court room when Brown pleaded I talk about the fact that Markez and Malek Brown are kin, and she told the prosecutors that this is true. Now if the juror’s knew about this fight and Daphna, Chelsea, and the coworkers had testified Nick would be a free man.

I am asking for the Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett and our Attorney General Mr. Derek Schmidt to please read over all the interviews, and transcripts. The witnesses, who testified, please came and tell the truth please.

 We need your signature to get the right people to look into my son case. Nick is doing 32 years to life for crimes he didn’t do please sign. If you would like to write Nick here his number and address.

Nicholas Dupree #107092, 301 E Kansas St Lansing, Kansas 66043

Thanks for taking the time to read and sign.



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