September 8, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Wichita Falls TX is a small town in Texas with a ripe history of injustice against Black people.  There are two justice systems here: one for Black people and one for White people.  In particular, their Black criminal justice system is consistently biased and unfair against people of color! In spite of this small town having  a 12% Black population, there is not one Black prosecutor, there is not one Black judge, to be quite honest, there is not one Black person who is employed inside the courthouse.  

What you see in the courthouse is walls aligned with white supremacists and slave owners. In spite of small Black population, the courtrooms are always filled with over 50% Black people as defendants? Racial injustice is in their history and nothing has changed!  Black people are constantly racially profiled, harassed and incarcerated at an alarming rate despite their small population! This must end!! 

The most recent instance of blatant injustice occurred a few months ago when there was an anonymous tip submitted that the City Manager of Wichita Falls TX, who is White and has been working with the city for over 20 years with compensation of over $100,000 was growing marijuana, selling marijuana and smoking marijuana out of his home. Because this individual is White, he was only arrested for mere possession with a  bail of only $2500.00. However, Black people are still sitting in jail with a much higher bail for the same offense. Wichita Falls criminal justice system is biased and corrupt against Black people. This must end!!

 We would like a townhall meeting with the prosecutor, Mayor and City Council to discuss criminal justice reform! As public servants, who have been elected, the prosecutors office has rarely engaged constituents. This must change!  We want to show the prosecutor that the community is paying attention and we demand a fair and just system for Black people. For all people!!   

We have seven demands: 

1. End the pointless and racially biased practice of money bail. 

2. Stop unwarranted, pointless and unhelpful prosecutions of Black people with low level, non-violent offenses. 

3. End the secrecy. Practice transparency and share information about your office with the community.

4. Recruit and hire African American prosecutors to change the all white office culture in the DA's office. 

5. Make prosecutors do their jobs! Hold police accountable and prosecute police officers who break the law, violate people rights, tamper with evidence or testimony, take part in corruption or commit violence and harassment against our community. Do not allow dirty cops to testify in court!!

6. Have a fair and unbiased system. Be hard on all violent criminals and thugs no matter what color they are or how much business/money they bring to the city. 

7. Use diversion programs for Black people not jail! 

We are asking for your signature to present to the City to urged them to schedule a town hall meeting to discuss criminal justice reform, along with our demands for the prosecutor to make the justice system fair for everyone. Thank you!!

In solidarity, 
Wichita Falls Color of Change

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Signatures: 694Next Goal: 1,000
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