Remove the United Daughters of the Confederacy Monument in Wichita Falls, Texas.

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Confederate monuments, like this one in Wichita Falls, glorify white supremacy and memorialize a treasonous government whose founding principle was the perpetuation and expansion of slavery.

There is no honorable reason for a statue commemorating slavery to stand in this town. History will never be erased or forgotten, and the act of taking down this monument will not erase this country’s long history of slavery and racial injustices. However, it will send a message that the deplorable history of our country and state is neither condoned nor respected.

There is no respect or honor in standing with evil and wrongness. There is, however, honor in taking the necessary steps to create a better country, state, and town that is equal and inclusive for all people.

By removing this monument, Wichita Falls will show its willingness to address years of racial inequality, as well as making this town a place where everyone feels welcome.

There are two sides to history, right and wrong. It is time for Wichita Falls to decide which side it will stand on in 2020.

To those who say this statue represents their history and culture, we say that culture was founded solely upon racism. Texas' intention for joining the confederacy and its support of slavery is clearly demonstrated in Texas' declaration of causes from February 2, 1861.


• Why are you doing this?
Removing this monument from the public sphere is so important because it’s not a huge thing to do. When we talk about it the broad topic of ending systemic racism in this country we have to talk about police reform, ending for-profit prisons, legal reform, housing, education, and healthcare inequality. Huge topics that will require a lot of legislative work and support from all people and if we can’t agree on the simple idea that these monuments don’t belong in the public then we have little to no hope at addressing the bigger problems of systemic racism.  Removing this, and other statues throughout the country is only a simple first step in a long line of changes that need to be addressed

•Do you live in Wichita Falls?
Yes, our family has been apart of the Wichita Falls community for almost 5 years, we own a home here, pay taxes as well as run a small business. Wichita Falls is our home.