Single Mothers, It takes a Village

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The ideal family would be a home with both parents living together, sharing that home, and living that "happily ever after" that most dream about. However, with divorce and single parent families, present and accounted for, that often isn't the case. According to 2019 U.S. Census Bureau, "4 out of 11 million single parent families, with children under the age of 18, 80% were headed by single mothers. Of that 80%, one third of those live in poverty". It appears that the new "norm", sadly, seems to be single motherhood. 

Single mothers work, however, her earning wage is still significantly less to men’s, it's approximately 79¢ to a $1, for the performing same job, leaving a 21¢ wage gap. This causes hardship for purchasing groceries, paying for daycare, paying for insurance, paying medical bills, vehicle payments, rent/mortgage payments, and home utilities. That stress only increases around birthdays and holidays. Often, most don't receive child support. If they do, the average amount is less than $500 a month.

How communities can help:

1. By becoming knowledgeable on local programs, especially those that are geared toward single mothers, would be a perfect start.

2. Helping to provide the education to these mothers, would be beneficial for them. Some of these single mothers may not know there are programs available. 

3. Decreasing that stigma on single mothers would be beneficial as well. Some single mothers may not want to admit they're struggling. Some may be embarrassed to ask for help.

These mothers deserve a chance, and their children deserve it even more. Children are resilient, yes, but helping their mothers, not have to suffer financially would help them tremendously. Let's give them a helping hand and guide them in the right direction.