Postpone the WIAA State Basketball Tournaments instead of cancel

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These boys and girls have just worked their butts off from November until now, and that does not count the countless hours in the weight room, shootarounds, and film sessions. Practices and games have been all these student-athletes have known for the past 5 months. 

Now, there are no gold balls, no medals, and no winners. They have worked for nothing at all. Many of these athletes are seniors, who The WIAA has just made the decision to end their season. The WIAA has just made them play their last games without even knowing, without even getting a chance to soak it all in one last time.

The right thing to do is to postpone the tournament for two weeks minimum to 30 days maximum.  After that, if the pandemic is still here, co-champions will be crowned as Massachusetts just did at their state tournaments. 

Do not allow the WIAA to have this reputation. Allow the student-athletes to play the games they have all earned and deserve to play in. 

The WIAA has put safety first, as it should, but it comes at the expense of the student-athletes who may never get this chance again. The correct trade-off is rather to postpone the tournament and evaluate future options instead of completely ripping away what is due to the athletes. 

Once again, I ask the WIAA to postpone the tournament for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 30 days and reevaluate at a later point. Worst case scenario,  co-champions are crowned.