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Why Steve Wonder Needs A Statue

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Stevland Hardaway Morris deserves a statue because, he is one of the most critically successful musical performers. Better known as Stevie Wonder, he should be remembered because he was able to get through life while being blind, he won a 22 Grammy Awards, he made it to the U.S. top ten songs, and won for best song in 1974 . This shows that anything is possible. Overall, Stevie Wonder should be remembered for being one of the best musicians during the 20th century.

The first reason he deserves a statue is because he won 22 Grammy Awards and it should be represented by a statue. After all he is the one that sang "Isn't She Lovely" which was his best song that he ever recorded. What this shows is that he deserves a statue because of his music and the fact that he won awards for his music.

Stevie Wonder had many struggles. The second reason Stevie Wonder needs a statue is because he overcame his troubles of being blind, an abusive father, and living in a poor neighborhood. The statue for Stevie Wonder should also be about him not letting anything take him down. He started to sing at 11 years old trying to get away from the family drama. This is important because if he let his troubles take him over then he wouldn't be known or famous.

In conclusion Stevie Wonder should have a statue because he won 22 Grammy Awards for his music, not letting his past ruin his future, and because he was one of the best singers during the 20th century.

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