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Why Should Women Read the Economist? They Shouldn't, if it continues with its Sexist Subscription Campaign

The Economist recently released a subscription campaign that says, "Why should Women Read the Economist? They shouldn't. [On the Next Page] Accomplished, influential people should read us. People like you."

The Economist's "Why should Women Read the Economist? They Shouldn't" subscription campaign is just another example of marketing that aims to de-value women in our society, stereotype them, and overall tell them that in order to be influential or successful they must shed their female identity. It is unacceptable for a magazine that claims to be an open-minded, comprehensive, and current narrative on world affairs to promote this level of sexism. If the Economist can't see that this blatant sexism is promoting an archaic understanding of power, then maybe its legitimacy to report on world affairs should come into question. Tell the Economist to abandon its sexist subscription campaign strategy or you will abandon it!

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