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Why We Should Be Patient With Jio

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Remembering Hutch and Nokia bringing us the unbelievable. It was no less than a fantasy come true for me when we actually started to see the use of wireless telephony. Obviously the tariffs were not for everyone. 

Then decades later, came a company from nowhere and disrupted the market for the greater good of the consumer only. That was Reliance Communications' 'KAR LO DUNIA MUTTHI MEIN' era. They didn't leave a stone unturned to bring any and perhaps every Indian the joy of owning a mobile phone. This was perhaps 12 - 13 years ago? Other companies caught up in the meanwhile and Reliance, as a company, went through a separation of businesses between the Ambani brothers. This resulted in Reliance Communications landing in Anil Ambani's kitty and it led to losing its charm and strategic ideas too. The reasons? Let's leave their issues to them and move ahead, shall we? Great.

What has happened in the gap was that a massive market of ever-spending consumers were exploited by players like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. Our generation, I guess, doesn't mind spending a little extra for getting something better. Therefore we spent thousands on bills and recharges for that extra 100 MBs. For that extra bit of data that could keep us connected. They charged us, we paid them. Dearly. Even though their services have now become somewhat tolerable, somewhat speedy, irrespective​ of the operators we should not forget those quite recent times when we faced absolute blackouts of data. Like no connectivity at all. Nil. None. Zero. It took them some time to upgrade. Obviously helplessly but we still stood by them, right? While we were massively suffering poor services we had nowhere to go. All the operators promised great services and you and I, we both know the reality. Oh and all this only for 3G data until recently when 4G started catching up and these operators realised that the consumers can't be fooled for too long. 

From 'KAR LO DUNIA MUTTHI MEIN' to today, a decade has passed and Mukesh Ambani formed Reliance Jio to bring 4G services into every Indian's pocket. It has not even been a year that they rolled their official services out for the Indian consumers. 

I agree their services are not as great as you and I have only recently gotten used to. Their data services are like a nightmare to many. Their services are yet to become seamless. They are yet to breathe the sigh of relief. They are yet to become the real number one. They are yet to keep us all happy and to keep everyone happy is no less than an impossible task, isn't it?

I have recently started using Jio and have my old Airtel number still active in the second slot of my phone. Neither am I an employee at Reliance nor is this a paid petition. A I wanted to do was to express my feelings towards the exploited telecom market and the way Jio's ideas are only going to benefit us, the consumers. 

I have recently come across a petition that quite unabashedly is asking the group (Reliance) to upgrade their services so that they can "actually use" it. I am not saying they are wrong. All I am trying to do is bring people together to give Jio a chance. You can't just go all guns blazing against a new player. Oh, and this petition is by a well-known Indian tech blogger. The other Indian telecom operators, they didn't just start giving us amazing services one fine morning. And when they did, they didn't​ forget to charge us a bomb for every tiny little service. Where was the petition then? Oh there was one? Wow. The company against whom the petition was, how old was that? Tell me if we shouldn't be patient and see how Jio upgrades its services for us. Tell me if we would have ever dreamt of 4G services at a meagre cost of Rs. 300 a month.

Let's thank the people who need those thanks, shouldn't we?

Let's appreciate and wait, may be?

That's all dear friends. It is upon you to contemplate and decide.

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