Stop the Coronavirus Spreading in the UK - Ban flights from China / Asia to UK!

Stop the Coronavirus Spreading in the UK - Ban flights from China / Asia to UK!

6 February 2020
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Ban flights from China to the UK!
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hanna Bond

The UK is not currently protecting its citizens adequately in the wake of the new coronavirus. Why are they not acting like other countries / nations and enforcing a blanket ban on flights from Asia in order to get this outbreak under control?

Taking swift and stringent action would ensure greater protection for UK citizens and seek to quell the growing global movement of this virus, particularly into our nation. 

Just this week, it’s been reported that two new CoVid19 cases in London, which are being investigated, have arisen from individuals who have returned from trips to China. I imagine, this is incredibly infuriating to most of the public, because in these instances, this could have been prevented.

Surely to avoid a global pandemic, it would make sense, each country takes tactical security measures to limit movement from the highly infected zones until things improve?

The UK government should also petition that the EU and Brussels do the same, so that indirect routes are not taken from China into the UK. Maybe parliament haven’t even bothered to enforce a ban because they think there would be no point because their hands are tied if Brussels don’t follow suit. Essentially travellers would simply come in the back door from China to Europe, and onto the UK.

Once again we are being passively controlled by other forces and clearly have no balls. 

We left the EU, but are still having our hands tied due to EU rules, such as the freedom of movement act. 

No doubt, many members of the public in Great Britain are sick of ours, being one of the last territories to act when it comes to public safety. We are a nation of, “wait and see”, rather than self-protection and self-care. 

The levels of management we have seen and heard about so far, in relation to response of this global outbreak have been weak to say the least. Sending information to the general public about going home into the population and calling 111 if felt unwell are ridiculous. What’s happening to the checks at the airports for people flying in from China / Asia? 

Please stop encouraging UK nationals to fly back in droves Mr health minister, especially without the proper protocols in place once they arrive. That should be quarantine on scheduled government arranged flights or no flights at all at this current time. Stop welcoming those from the most infected zones back into the population and asking them to self-quarantine. Clearly this isn’t working because members of the public are taking themselves to busy hospitals.

Please look and learn from other continents and countries and get the proper screenings, and quarantines in place at airports. 

Sort it out, and stop waiting for things to get worse before you act! Our NHS won’t hack the pace of you don’t close the flood gates. 




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Signatures: 75Next Goal: 100
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  • Ban flights from China to the UK!