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Why are family pets being held hostage by Vaughan Animal Services, under the of guise following law according to Provincial BSL Act, which prohibits “pit bulls”. Despite documentation provided, which showed the dogs in question were not pit bulls. All forms of proof, including letters from licensed veterinarians, were rejected and they continue to hold Kilo and Gamboa. Could it possibly be because innocent short hair family dogs are a potential cash grab for the facility.

Kilo, a little French Bull dog, terrier mix, was sprayed by a skunk when walking with his human. He panicked, slipped out of his collar and ran away. A search brought no result but the next day his owners were notified Kilo was at Vaughan Animal Services. They went immediately to pick him up only to be told he would not be released because he appeared to be a pit bull. No amount of proof or pleading would change their mind. Clearly Kilo is not a pit bull nor does he conform to any description as set out by law in the BSL Act. Kilo has been held hostage for over 2 weeks now.

Gamboa is a 4 year old Labrador retriever, American bulldog mix. He escaped from his yard and was picked up by Vaughan Animal Services. When the owners went to pick him up the next day they were refused. They would not release him because they claim he appeared to be a pit bull.

Gamboa has been held hostage for 106 days to date.

In both cases the owners offered documented proof of breed, including veterinary letters and adoption papers. In both cases the proof was rejected.  In both cases the owners were given the option of allowing their dog to be shipped out of the province, having the shelter kill them or pay for the daily fees and unnecessary tests.

VAS is allowed to hold animals at their discretion forcing owners to choose between having their pet transported out of province, killed by them, or pay exorbitant fees for boarding and unnecessary tests.

We ask that you prepare for Kilo and Gamboa to be released to their owners on Tuesday, November 3 when the owners will be on site for to retrieve ownership. In the meantime they are not to be transferred or treated medically in any way which could bring them harm. Any changes to their status must not be made without the express written approval of their owners Natalia Ramirez and Dominic Monardo.

We fully expect that the ransom payment for both dogs be nullified.  Gamboa’s boarding fees at $47 per day would be in excess of $4000 plus tests and Kilo’s fees would be in the area of $700, plus tests. Since the boarding fees were the result of a judgement call on the part of Vaughan Animal Services we expect those fees to be fully waived.

The Breed Specific Legislation is a cruel Act which has caused irreparable pain and suffering to thousands of families.  The collective animal loving community is outraged that yet again BSL is being used by those who abuse their power nefariously and punish innocent victims.  Bill 147, An Act to amend the Animals for Research Act and Dog Owners’ Liability Act.  was tabled by MPP Rick  Nicholls in November 2019. We ask the government of Premier Doug Ford over turn the BSL Act and pass Bill 147.

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