Give us our last week back

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The students of Windermere High School have worked ambitiously all year, and the vast majority of us have been eager to get our exams done. We have spent more than enough time throughout the past year preparing for these exams, and we would be more than grateful to get them out of the way and begin summer on a high note. The last few days of the 2017-18 school year should be spent saying farewell to our friends, signing yearbooks, and preparing for an endlessly fun summer. Not to mention the fact that many of us have siblings (and friends) graduating from West Orange High School on 5/29 and we would really enjoy seeing them receive their diploma and begin their journey into college. As the relief school for WOHS, we should give our students the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of our friends and family from West Orange, rather than partaking in a late CFE. Also, many of us have planned unrefundable vacations in which we are excited to begin, but with our CFEs in the way, we have no choice but to postpone our trips, therefore possibly wasting our money and beginning summer on bad terms. We, the students of WHS, would be indebted if our CFEs moved back to its original date, saving our last days of school for the fun end-of-year rituals and graduation ceremonies.