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Suspicion of corruption in Barbados should be prosecuted and guilty parties sent to prison

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We the electorate of Barbados and the wider community are fed up with certain crimes, either through collusion and/or corruption, bribery or even threats not be seen as serious crimes and tend to be ignored after an Election is over and the dust settles. 

Therefore we want to urge or rather DEMAND that ALL political parties and/or independents understand that this is a major mandate imposed upon them, by the people of Barbados, and so firmly act swiftly without prejudice to investigate, arrest, prosecute any such and if found guilty be given the fullest punishment allowed by the law - either existing or that which may come into existence and made retroactive to cover matters in the last decade or so, once in tune with the Constitution of Barbados or any amendments made hereafter.

In the case of any arrest, the person(s) be imprisoned until their trial is brought before the court to tried, which should extend longer than three (3) months - six (6) months maximum, if there is a matter of collecting evidence, etc. that requires an extension - and if the are subsequently granted bail then their travel documents must be surrendered to the court and they report to a police station very week until such trail has begone and any new imposition(s) be placed.

This matter should also be seen as a grave concern by the Judiciary and all legal entities within the country and not just a matter for the Executive (Government) to act up with as the old legal maxim goes "Justice delayed is Justice denied" and this should be the same for ALL.

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