Month of May Memorial

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Let us stand up for the people who stood up for us by truly remembering rather than just acknowledging. And even the lives lost involuntarily in times like 9/11. Yet how can millions be remembered in just one day? It’s clear that every day is a blessing. We hear stories from our elders of how horrific defending our freedom was. We hear stories how the survival rate was 5 to 1. We are blessed to be surrounded by those who have served and who are serving. Yet we use that one day as a day off from work, to relax and catch up on shows. Our vets who have served and continue to serve deserve more than one day of recognition. Support the petition by please signing and requesting the whole month of May to be the NEW Memorial Way. 


I believe the country is evolving, times are evolving, and people are evolving with new ways to educate and grow in moral. I recently spoke with a real veteran about this cause and as he was supportive, he was also hesitant. He believed Memorial Day has also changed in a way of adding multiple parties to the cause like the police, fire fighters, and also innocent lives lost. He believes that the memorial has a right to evolve but is concerned it’s losing its true purpose, to remember veterans. After discussing the cause further with this veteran we came to a clear and reasonable understanding. The Month of May Memorial should be broken into 4 parts. 

Week 1: Back the Blue. Remember those who respond even when their presence is under valued.

Week 2: Rescuers of Red. Remember the lives who have been lost against conditions that others would flee.

Week 3: Remember the Innocent who lost their lives by those who are against what it means to be an American.

Week 4: Remember Veterans and those actively serving.

Will you fly your flag at half mast for the whole month of May?