Stop Supplying Plastic Produce Bags

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They are a thing of the past. Those thin, plastic single use (because really, they are most likely ripped by the time you get home) bags grocery stores supply for you to bag your produce. But why?  To protect it from the dirty cart?  From the conveyor belt at the register?  Let’s face it- from the potential pesticides (if you don’t buy organic) to the dirty truck, filthy box, the ten hands that touched that apple before it got to your own dirty hands- plenty of germs are already on that fruit and the plastic bag isn’t protecting it from anything it hasn’t touched already. What are they for?  To keep your produce separated?  If we are old enough and capable enough to make it to the checkout line- let’s assume we can sort our produce. Those bags are nothing but a roll of single use waste items that most neighborhood recyclers won’t even take. They are relics. And it’s time for them to go. 

Whole Foods is the gold standard for conscious food shopping. Let’s hold them account and have them raise the bar. Ask Whole Foods to remove plastic produce bags from their stores. Please sign my petition and pass it on. Small things add up!