Petition Update

Interesting update from Whole Foods

Emily Polak
Somerville, MA

Jul 3, 2014 — Hi everyone,
I emailed Whole Foods- which has also been receiving an email every time someone new signs the petition- to ask about next steps. Below, please find their response. While I see the point in their statement, I would argue that socially responsible ingredients aren't the only thing that matter when selecting what products a chain elects to carry. I think we can redouble our efforts to convince them that we're not ready to go away and that we see Whole Foods' purchasing power as a chance to do good for both customers and employees alike.

Please continue to share the petition, post it Facebook, blast it out on Twitter, talk about it in person, and send emails with the link. This organizing campaign is one very real way that we can impact how the Hobby Lobby ruling plays out, and influence Eden Foods and its decision to put politics over the health and well-being of people- and their families.

Here's the email from Whole Foods:
"Hello Emily – I’m a colleague of Robin Rehfield-Kelly’s in Whole Foods Market’s communications department, and I want you to know that we really do appreciate your reaching out to us to share your feelings about Eden Foods. When reviewing products for our shelves, our primary consideration is whether the product’s ingredients meet our Quality Standards. We recognize and respect that customers may have their own personal criteria for buying or not buying a product, and it’s every shoppers’ right to vote with their dollars on that basis.

We hope that if you have feedback for Eden Foods, you’ll share it with them directly. Please know that we appreciate your feedback.
Mike Silverman
Whole Foods Market
Global Communications