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If the United States government will not support the labeling of GMO foods, surely the leader in whole foods, Whole Foods Market, will label ALL Non-GMO products (not just their product line) to support the health of their consumers!

Letter to
Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Whole Foods Market John Mackey
Co-Chief Executive Officer of Whole Foods Market Walter Robb
Media for Whole Foods Market Libba Letton
Since the United States government is unwilling to pass any bills supporting the labeling of GMO foods, we are asking you to start labeling Non-GMO products in your stores immediately so we can be aware of what we are purchasing and putting into our bodies. The 2018 deadline is still five more years of GMO consumption. We ask that you label all current Non-GMO products immediately and seek vendors who are currently labeled Non-GMO.

As the leader of organic clean eating, we look to you to support us in our healthy eating efforts.

Please continue to be the leader in healthy eating and label ALL Non-GMO products now...instead of 5 years from now.

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