Let’s bring Vine back!

Let’s bring Vine back!

January 31, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jack Woetko

I believe that vine inspired original content and is better than the TikTok we have now. 

First of all Vine had short and sweet videos (6 seconds) that were right to the point. TikTok has longer videos that sometimes lead to nowhere. 

Secondly since vine inspired humans to make original content things were funnier considering you didn’t listen to the same joke a hundred times.

Also Vine has sentimental value. A lot of people had Vine back in the day and to get it back would mean lots.

The reason Vine shut down was that it didn’t have enough users, but now so many people know about Vine so it would be easier to sustain money.

In my opinion Vine would help a lot of people to cope with anxiety and stress and to have a laugh every once in a while. It would bring happiness into the world and keep it there for generations to come.  

As well as being successful and helping people it could teach people how to express feelings and ideas quickly. Since Vine has that trademark of six second videos you would have to express your feelings or ideas in that timeframe. This means you would be learning this hard skill.

In conclusion why not have another go at Vine. I believe it would be overly successful and would help many people have a great day.

Vine will make the world a better place.

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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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