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Brutally They Killed My Father and Showed Accident

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This is important because my Father was assassinated by the Local people on June 2, 2007 and we are still looking forward for Justice. 

My father was very honest, friendly and Helpful and always used to help the poor people with Money as well as with other Resources which the killers did not like because they used to lend them money at high rate of interests and my father used to help them pay the money and telling not to borrow again. This created the feeling of Jealousy and humiliation so they all together killed my Father and showed everyone that it was an Accident.

The local Person, Gopal who was with my father at the time of accident, said that it was an accident and he has seen the vehicle and the Police said that they have caught the vehicle and the driver. We trusted them and did no enquired because my Father was in very critical condition. He was kept in ICU and doctors were saying that he will be alright after a minor operation so We gave away the money for operation but at 11 O' Clock my Father was declared Dead and no doctor was there to answer the death as the Doctor who was operating my father was already gone. 

And when he we reach at the Police Station to see the vehicle and the driver, they denied and said we did not see any vehicle going or accident. We were all startled. It was all looking Blank to us. Then we argued with police that in the Hospital you were saying that it was an Accident and you have seen the Vehicle and caught it.

This made us realize that it was not an accident. It was a Conspiracy and they altogether have killed my father, it wasn't a accident. We were all children and my mother is illiterate. We did not know what to do and where to go but we reached police station again to register FIR but they did not write and badly abused us.

The killers are about 10 Families with Lots of People, Properties, Money and Government Jobs and also links with politicians and no one is with us. The whole "Basti/locality" is with them.They bribed the police with lots of money that’s why police did not listened to us, scolded us but did not even asked Gopal that what happened that day.

They warned us not to go to any where otherwise they would again kill another member of our family. But we keep on wandering to higher and higher authorities and even to the Uttar Pradesh CM Office, Lucknow but got no Response from there too.

Nobody helped us.

But we did not lose hope and started this petition hoping to get Justice one day.

And finally, I Started My Petition.

We only want that POLICE must do a strict enquiry with the Gopal who was with my father. He knows everything. He will tell the truth.

Its a kind request, Dear Sir, Ma'm, Friends and Colleagues, Please help me and my Family.

I am looking for the Helpful and Kind hand from you. Please Sign my Petition.

 I will be Grateful to you all.

Thank You.

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