Who benefits from their mistakes?

Who benefits from their mistakes?

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“The most dangerous people in the world are those who do not benefit from their own mistakes…”

-Author Unknown

 Before you read the content please please keep in mind the accomplishments that James made and not what he was sentenced with. We could have left out what he was charged with but after 38 years he has grew and change is it what being incarcerated is all about growth and change.

On May 28, 1984, my brother James Castile and three of his friends went out drinking alcohol and because of that they committed some senseless crimes. Which they were charged with robbery and attempted murder. James’ three friends accepted a plea agreement for six years, while my brother attended trial which resulted in being sentenced to 150 years of imprisonment. Although the two victims testified at the trial that James was not the person who stabbed them, he was still unbelievably punished.

Since James has been incarcerated, his mental thought process has shifted from negative to positive. He had distanced himself from other inmates attempting to peer pressure him to participate in dangerous gang related activities, group demonstrations, riots, drug possession, and sexual assault that was going on in prison. James receives random drug tests which always come back negative.

James voluntarily enrolled and was employed in various educational programs. James’ educational journey was the beginning of the mental and physical rehabilitation. James enrolled in anger management, substance abuse, parenting, stress management, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Thinking for a Change rehabilitation programs. James was also employed as a clerk at Central Store Supply Department, Kitchen Clerk, Lead Cook, and Sanitation Facilitator. Currently, James works for Kauffman-Gilbarco Assembler Engineer & ICI Raine and has been working there for seven years without any negative administrative actions. In addition, James enrolled himself into independent religious study courses such as the F.E.M.A course of California University and currently enrolled in The Urban Ministry Institute (T.U.M.I). 

James continues to apply himself in vocational skill opportunities such as welding, carpentry, off-set printing and machinery. Since James has been incarcerated, he has made significant educational accomplishments. He received his GED, Associate’s, and Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University, Apprenticeship Electrotechnical 6000 hours, Basic First aid, and CPR course certifications. In addition of James’ special achievements, he was named to the Dean’s list five times, and received the Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Workplace Preparation from Ball State University. 

Throughout his time in prison, James remains a good steward of understanding his responsibility in the events that took place in 1984. In 1993 during a modification hearing. The oldest victim was not opposed to James’s sentence being modified. James has benefited from his own mistakes, being rehabilitated through education, and not committing any violent acts. James acknowledges that rehabilitation begins with changing oneself and accepting responsibility for his own actions. My brother’s growth stems from his spiritual awakening.

A statement from James reads, “I have been corrected for 38 years and I am corrected as the word says, I am rehabilitated, I ask for another chance. I will be an honest citizen and positive contributor to society. I have done what the court system has asked and expects of me. What more can I do? I am remorseful and take full responsibility for my behavior in 1984.”

This statement below is from former Honorable Judge Roy Jones according to James:

“The defendant is in need of correctional rehabilitative treatment that can only be provided by his commitment to a penal facility. That is true, and I have stated that many times I am not sure that the department of correction with their limited budget can really bring about much rehabilitation, but there is one kind of rehabilitation that can be brought about by long term imprisonment. Through old age somebody can be rehabilitated…”  

I’ve received this information about my brother through visits and conversations we had over the years. I also have James’ diplomas and certificates to show his improvement and growth. Please receive this petition as justifiable evidence of James Castile’s well-earned release.


Sharon Coleman



124 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!