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Who Are You Really?: Verify that all account holders on social networking sites are who they say they are

Anonymous profiles have gotten out of hand and allows people to say and post whatever they want without fear of accountability. Let's change that. I have found child pornography posted on a FB News feed. People need to be held accountable for what they post. Verifying who's who may be the 1st step. This has to stop immediatley. If Twitter can somehow manage to verify that twitter accounts held by celebrities, companies, and organizations are legitament then why can't Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube do the same with/for the everyday account holder? "Catfishing" & "Ghost Profiles" can end now. This petition wasn't created so that no one is allowed to have "vanity profiles". This petition was created so that even if one has a profile using a vanity name then at least the account can be traced to the person who created the profile by requiring real information upon signing up.

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Prevent child pornography from being posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. by requiring real and accurate personal info (real name, birthday, address, SSN, etc.) so that the websites' creators/developers have info on who's who.