Request to WHO to acknowledge leprosy as a disability across the world

Request to WHO to acknowledge leprosy as a disability across the world

4 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by sunil kumar

Since ancient times,society has stigmatized people affected with leprosy.

In 19th century leprosy was criminalized under the law, anyone suspected of having leprosy was arrested & exiled.

Even till date across the globe leprosy is treated as metaphor & till date people affected are fighting for their basic rights like food, shelter and disability rights and are living in 4000 self settled colony.

There are several countries across the globe which till date have not acknowledged leprosy as disability.

However, following social barriers are there

  1. Legal discrimination- more than 130 discriminatory laws which denies person affected to get a visa, to contest election, denies employment, reason for divorce etc.
  2. Religious discrimination-where leprosy is considered as divine punishment
  3. Social discrimination- Till date leprosy is being treated as metaphor and much more


Social model of disability identifies systematic barriers , derogatory attitudes & social exclusion which make it difficult or impossible for individuals with impairment to attain their value functioning.

However, till date many countries across the globe yet to identify leprosy as a disability

Your support can bring smiles to millions of person affected across the globe and will help to live a dignified life.

Please sign & share the petition without your help justice can not be delivered to the oldest human rights of the world who are till date fighting for a dignified life

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Signatures: 145Next Goal: 200
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