Fishing in Whitby waterfront is under attack please sign to support fishing in Whitby area

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Back in April a few people were asked to leave the Rowe house in Whitby by a representative of Whitby Heritage Community Association. As we understood the property was Town owned and we had every right to be there we stayed. Durham Region Police were called by the representative of  Heritage Community Association and we were forced to leave the property or face trespassing orders.

Recently a notice from council was posted on the property highlighting a bylaw that disallows any fishing on town property. We have been working with a local councillor and there will be discussion both with the fishing bylaw and a new planned park in the area of Rowe house.

With a visit to committee and maybe council coming up we would appreciate having a petition of support for fishing in Whitby.

We have seen this a lot lately including the issue with Oshawa pier and we need to protect our rights to  fish enjoy and enjoy our waterfront. 


Thank you for reading and I hope you can support fishing on the Whitby waterfront.