Request for Dirt Jumps and BMX track for children in Doreen

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I started this petition because my son Noah is extremely passionate about these jumps and his bike and being a resident of Doreen with teenage boys I believe it is important that they have these jumps for the kids of Doreen. This petition is to request the council to build in conjunction with the children of Doreen Dirt Jumps and a BMX track in Doreen. My son and many other children in the Doreen area started to build some Dirt Jumps and BMX track in Doreen near Hilltop park on Landano Way to give the youth in the area something to do during a very tough time in their lives. Instead of vandalising and doing other untoward things in the area they decided to build something to give the kids in the area an activity when there is no sport and no going to school.  Unfortunately, this was bulldozed by the Whittlesea council because of complaints, not only once, but after a small rebuild it was bulldozed again.  This build took these kids two months to build a lot of hard work and planning went into them, it was great to see the kids working together, encouraging each other and most importantly having fun.  This petition is to gain community support to submit to the Whittlesea Council to show the NEED and WANT and support for this track and not another Skate Park.  This petition will be submitted to Whittlesea Council along with a letter of proposal, request for funding and a location to build Dirt Jumps and a BMX bike track in conjunction with the Whittlesea Council within their guidance and working with the children together as a Team. Update - submission was made to council today to request a location and funding for this project. Also there will be more media in local papers to gain support from council.    Please help support our children in Doreen. Thank you