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Stop the Flouridation of Whitsunday Region in 2013

On 29 November 2012 the Queensland Parliament reversed the previous government's mandate requiring all public potable water supplies serving more than 1000 people to add fluoride to the water. As a consequence of these changes local councils in Queensland have the choice to add fluoride to drinking water supplies.

We the residents of Whitsunday Region welcome the Newman government reversal and express our will - to exercise our right as a collective power of community to refuse the forced flouridation plan implimented by the former Bligh governments Water Flouridation Act 2008.

We are informed that in this act is a clause that allows no public recourse for civil action, should another incident of overflouridation occur as what happened in 2009 when an accident occurred at the North Pine treatment plant (North Brisbane).
4000 homes received water having many times the recommened level of fluoride.

Whitsunday Take-down Flouride and the residents of Whitsunday Region who signed this petition are strongly against having Flouride added to the municipal water supply.

We would like the Whitsunday Regional Council to take note of our concerns and reconsider their actions, knowing now that there is a mountain of evidence and expert testimony that not only suggests, but PROVES flouride is highly unsafe.

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