Dedicated dog off-leash hours for local Whitsunday beaches

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In light of Mr. Ron Petterson's motion to revoke the limited off-leash dog area on Cannonvale Beach, we are now asking the Whitsunday Regional Council (WRC) to reconsider this motion and ask that ideally all local beaches, but specifically Cannonvale Beach, have dedicated off lead dog hours.

We ask that dogs be allowed off-leash on the beach from 5pm to 8am.  

Dedicated dog off-leash hours will encouraged dog owners to use this time to exercise their dogs, rather than any time they please. This will provide residents who prefer to use a beach with no dogs, comfort in the knowledge that dogs will very unlikely be on the beach at other times. 

Dedicated off-leash dog hours work at many beaches around Australia and this option seems like a perfect compromise for both sides of this argument.

At the very least, we ask the WRC to consider a trial run with dedicated off-leash beach hours to see if this option can work in our community.