Collinsville Needs Daycare

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Letter of concern

With only two home day cares in town, one has just recently closed down, and the other one will be closing down
shortly. This will leave us with no day care services at all in Collinsville. This will be tragic is so many ways.
It’s almost impossible these days to live off one single wage, with the cost of living being so high, so families, and
most importantly children, are going without so many things, which puts so much stress on the only income earner
to work more, work harder, meaning they often can’t be home for the important family things such as birthdays, first
steps, first words etc. This all brings terrible psychological distress on the parents, in a world were
suicide/depression/anxiety are already too common.
Without day care services, the mothers, who worked prior to having children, and who have skills and experience,
are being forced to stay at home. Some mothers do choose to be at home with their children, and that is fantastic.
But there are many women who wish to work, who wish to advance themselves, who wish to learn and experience
more, who wish to have some bit of individuality, who wish to help with the stress of income and living, or even
mothers who just want to work to have some time away. Whatever the reasons, they are all valid and important
ones, and with nothing being done about the impending lack of day care situation in Collinsville, it feels like we don’t
matter. Because the choice to work is being taken away from us, we are being forced to be “stay at home” mothers.
Now what about the poor children who are forced to miss out on all the things that day care teaches? Individuality,
independence, social skills, motor skills, sharing, kindness, discipline, educating the mind, friendships and bonds
are all opportunities that the children will be deprived of, if they can’t attend a day care centre.
Not only do children learn from the teachers/carers, they also learn from other children. So many times I have been
trying to teach my daughter something, to fail time and time again, and then she sees another child doing something
and, like magic, my daughter does it too. I think we underestimate the ability of children to teach and learn from
each other. Children thrive off each other, they also thrive off an adult that they can trust other than their parent.
The community will suffer also, without a day care centre. So many times I have seen a job advertised, or been
offered work, and I have been forced to turn it down. So many times the community has needed the experience and
skills of the mothers. How is a town supposed to advance and thrive when no one can work? How is a town
supposed to improve? Collinsville has a lack of so many things, with day care being the number one priority.
There are so many reasons on why the prospect of no day care services in Collinsville is very worrying. Everyone is
affected by it, and something needs to be done.
I, just like many other mothers, are absolutely heartbroken. Our children are devastated - my daughter has been
asking me every day why she no longer goes to day care with her friends. How do you tell a small child that we
might have to move, and she might have to leave her friends, family and her home behind, in the hopes of finding
another town with a day care facility. How does Collinsville handle more people leaving the town?
I thank you for your time, and I wish not just for myself, but for this town and its community, that this situation will
change soon.
Nicola Grieger, and every mother and child in Collinsville.

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