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Get Drexxer Unbanned

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I am Drexxer. I've been playing on the Lightbringer server for Light's Hope ever since they split from Elysium and just recently hit rank 14 but I've unfortunately been banned from the server for account sharing and after 2 weeks of ban appeals its very clear it's been getting me nowhere.

I'll run down the story very shortly. The day I was hitting rank 14 I log in an hour before the reset to make sure everything was in order for me to hit my rank and I find out that I've been banned. I put in a ban appeal asking what for and they tell me its for account sharing. I admit to the account share and explain that it was very casual and it was more for the person to have fun on my account then to grind my rank. After this ban appeal is put in the GM then unbans my account and I log in, buy the weapons, take a load of screenshots and have loads of fun in Silithus pvp. The next day I log in and find out that I have once again been banned. I put in my ban appeal and got a very limited explanation on why my account was rebanned, leaving me unclear on what change prompted my reban. come 2 weeks later and all my ban appeals are being pretty much ignored and i'm still without a reason as to why their minds were changed and i'm sitting on a perma ban with no warning given prior. 

The point of this petition is to show that that the players of this server think that i deserve to be unbanned. There are many rank 14s on this server that have account shared all the way to the top, and they left with no punishment. Meanwhile, I briefly allowed a friend access to my account recreationally, and I am left with a permanent ban. To me its wrong what they did and they can't pick and choose when they want to enforce the rules. While I was ranking I've reported plenty of people who were online for over 96 hours and was given the answer most of the time of "they're just playing really hardcore" but they want to enforce a perma ban on me when I've account shared almost none of my rank? The apparent double standard is very evident. 

To wrap this up i'd like to say that I love the players of lights hope, the part I miss the most isn't even the rank 14 weapons. It's being able to be an active part of the community in this server that's honestly one of the best I've ever seen from a private server. I miss the friends I've made while ranking, I miss my guild, I even miss the petty rivalries I've made along the way. I want more than anything to be part of this community again on my warrior.

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