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in Alberta the policy to have access to a school bus for transportation to and from school is a 2.4 km policy.

We live 1.6km from my sons current school so he does not qualify for the bus, so we one day left our home and walked to his school to time it to see how long it would take, it took 22 minutes! This was without snow or cold weather but during a beautiful summer day, now this walk for a child living over the 2km distance would take 30 mins or so, which is WAY to long during the cold winter months in Alberta!

All children should have access to school transportation, roads have gotten busier and we have a new intersection near the Catholic Church, in many households both parents work and in some households there are no vehicles at all, the world is now a much scarier place.

All children deserve the right to get to and from school safely, and no parent should have to worry about how their child is getting to and from school for their education, this policy needs to be changed right away, for the sake of our children. Please sign the petition and share!