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White Tiger : We can stop this abuse in our generation - Naresh Kadyan

Did you know the only way to produce a white tiger is through severe inbreeding of brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son?

The Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009 ban inbreeding

In this special edition of Species Spotlight we look at the VERY popular white tiger (which isn't a separate species of tiger.) White tigers in captivity are produced from inbreeding and they actually weaken the captive tiger gene pool and they do nothing to help real conservation of the tiger. We state the first white was found in the 1950's as reports earlier to this may or may not have taken place in India.
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*Please urge anyone you see exhibiting white tigers to get them spayed or neutered as we can stop this abuse in our generation. Since they bring in $$$, many places breed them, and this has to be stopped in order to put the emphasis back into the real tiger species and into conservation and welfare over simple entertainment. 


Naresh Kadyan,
 Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection
- OIPA in India,

Chairman, People for Animals Haryana,
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Did you know the only way to produce a white tiger is through severe inbreeding of brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son?, where as inbreeding is banned as per Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009.

Did you know that there is no such species as a Royal White Bengal Tiger?

If you didn't know that, don't feel bad, you were deceived just like millions of others. Read on to learn the truth about white tigers, white lions, tabby tigers and other genetic aberrations.

White Tigers can ONLY exist in captivity by continual inbreeding, such as father to daughter, brother to sister, mother to son and so forth. The white lions and golden tabby tigers are merely a product of this practice of inbreeding for white coats as well and are not being bred for any sort of conservation program either. ALL white tigers are cross eyed, whether it shows or not, because the gene that causes the white coat always causes the optic nerve to be wired to the wrong side of the brain. That is why white tigers are such a favorite of the tiger-tamer-wanabees; they are far more dependant upon their masters.
The myth of the Rare White Bengal Tiger was an illusion meant to deceive the public into thinking that these cats were endangered and being preserved for future generations. The truth of the matter is that they aren’t even pure Bengal tigers, but rather are all the offspring of an original Siberian / Bengal cross breeding. The inbreeding results in many defects, early deaths, still births and, as could be expected, the cats are not very bright which is why they are preferred for entertainment purposes.

To quote from Dr. Ron Tilson, Conservation Director of the Minnesota Zoo and manager of the world renown Tiger Species Survival Plan, "The white tiger controversy among zoos is a small part ethics and a large part economics. The tiger Species Survival Plan has condemned breeding white tigers because of their mixed ancestry, most have been hybridized with other subspecies and are of unknown lineage, and because they serve no conservation purpose. Owners of white tigers say they are popular exhibit animals and increase zoo attendance and revenues as well. The same rationalization can be applied to the selective propagation of white lions, king cheetahs and other phenotypically aberrant animals."
"However, there is an unspoken issue that shames the very integrity of zoos, their alleged conservation programs and their message to the visiting public. To produce white tigers or any other phenotypic curiosity, directors of zoos and other facilities must continuously inbreed father to daughter and father to granddaughter and so on. At issue is a contradiction of fundamental genetic principles upon which all Species Survival Plans for endangered species in captivity are based.
White tiger cubs are produced when the recessive gene for the color white is inherited from both parents. There are orange tigers that have inherited a white gene from one parent, but an orange gene from the other parent. Such cats have one of each gene to potentially contribute to its offspring and are known as heterozygous. It is a roll of the dice which gene is inherited. If an orange tiger that carries the white gene is mated to a white tiger – there is a 50% chance of white offspring, since the white tiger has only has white genes to contribute and the orange has two possible colors to contribute. If two such heterozygous tigers are mated, there is a 1 in 4 chance the offspring will be white. A white tiger only has white genes for its offspring to inherit; therefore two white tigers mated together produce only white cubs.
Where as inbreeding is banned in India, so please keep our tiger safe and sound and drop the idea - proposal of White Tiger inbreeding.
Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009 says..............
To safeguard against ill effects of inbreeding on the zoo population, the zoo shall endeavour to introduce unrelated animals to zoo stock through exchange, loaning and getting gifts of animals from other zoos.
Hence we all support OIPA in India stand to oppose White tiger inbreeding proposal and appeal to all concerned authority to focus on protection of tiger population in India - save tiger campaign.
The Member Secretary, CZA is hereby requested under RTI Act, 2005 to provide us information about proposal received and decision taken by the CZA on White tiger breeding project to be set up in Madhya Pardesh. We strongly recommend Naresh Kadyan performance should be recognized and nominate him for Padam Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Conservation Award - 2010 and for the Amrita Devi Bishnoi Wildlife Protection Award 2009 & 2010, Prani Mitra Award from AWBI.
Hon'ble Chief Justice of India is here by humbly requested not to allow inbreeding and it may kindly be treated as PIL please.
Grievance Registration Number is : PRSEC/E/2010/19511 dated 27-12-2010 with the President of India Secretariat, New Delhi and same was forwarded to the Joint Secretary (Admin & PG), Ministry of Environment and Forests on 28-12-2010. White tiger is not a species covered under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 then Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI should comes forward to oppose and support OIPA in India stand.

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