Protect White Rock Waterfront Village Property Rights

Protect White Rock Waterfront Village Property Rights

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Concerned Citizens Of White Rock started this petition to White Rock Mayor & council

On March 29, 2021 at White Rock City Council meeting, MOTION LU/P-042 was passed that the Land Use and Planning Committee are endorsing the Waterfront Village OCP to be limited and/or referred to as only the buildings that front onto Marine Drive.

On March 8th and 29th 2021, White Rock Planning staff presented the results of a community survey regarding the OCP building heights and densities outside the Town Center.

Survey mentioned NOTHING about the motion that was passed. Survey was just based on a vote as to whether waterfront village designation should be 3 OR 4 stories.

Change in designation boundaries was NOT mentioned in this survey, and the meeting on March 8 and 29th was publicized to be about this survey, NOT the designation change.

This Motion will remove waterfront designation from any property that does not directly front onto Marine Drive.

Staff are now being directed to look at existing conditions and contextual factors to apply an appropriate replacement designation. Staff have advised that the appropriate designation is Mature neighborhood, due to its boundary being directly North.

Recommended OCP policy amendments stemming from the direction of the Committee/Council are likely to be presented in a staff report to the Land Use and planning committee in late May, 2021.

The main objective of the waterfront village designation is to enable a mix of multi-unit commercial AND residential use that establishes a seaside village characteristic and supports local businesses and public transit.

This motion will negatively affect our property values!

This will be a DOWNDESIGNATION for all properties not fronting Marine Drive

This Creates non-conforming properties. If anything happens to our property (fire/flood etc), we will ONLY be able to rebuild into a single family home, regardless of what is currently existing on the property.

No land security for property owners. Value of properties in the future now taken away, as will only be allowed to build single family homes.

Takes away cohesiveness of neighborhood and surrounding areas, creates a keyhole designation area – not good for a land use.

There is a Major need for multi-unit residential to still exist and be built OFF of Marine Drive to support businesses during the non-summer slower months through local residents in order to keep their doors open.


WHITE ROCK MAYOR AND COUNCIL - We urge you to keep our land use designation as it currently exists and help Marine Drive thrive!

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