Petition for Pat the Crossing Guard

Petition for Pat the Crossing Guard

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The Commonwealth Frontiersman

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Started by Jennifer Findlay

On the morning Monday February 3rd, 2020 - Pat, the crossing guard who guards the crosswalk at Johnston Rd and Prospect for White Rock Elementary came into my business to tell me that she had been fired. I could tell that she was shaken up. She explained to me that her superior at work had been verbally abusive to her about something very trivial that has nothing to with how she does her job, and she wasn't going to put up with it.

After looking into it further I discovered that to be a crossing guard you join the Commonwealth Frontiersman.  It is a volunteer position where they get paid a small amount which basically covered their gas money. Her "superior" at work essentially runs all of Surrey and there really isn't anyone to report to above him.

I operate at before & after school program across the street from the school. We, as well as other before & after school centres and a large number of families cross the street with children multiple times a day where Pat is always guarding the crosswalk. She never fails to do her job with the upmost care and dedication.  She genuinely cares about the children and families in the community and we genuinely care about her.  She guards a busy street and deals with aggressive drivers who speed in a school zone on a daily basis in any type of weather and is always looking out for children who attend the school.  To hear that she has lost her job over something that doesn’t have anything to do with how she does her job is atrocious

I am appalled and saddened that Pat has been treated in such unfair terms.  She is a lovey person and an asset to our community who volunteers her time because she cares. She deserves to be treated with the respect that she shows so many people everyday.

Please sign this petition so we can help Pat get her job back and show her how much she is loved and respected.

1,509 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!